Applied Physics Research Areas


Computational Physics

Gas and Fluid Mechanics

Photonics, Optics, and Quantum Electronics

  • Interdisciplinary materials and device research, spanning photonics and electronics and with applications in Si-based photonics, plasmonics, renewable energy and mechanically active thin film devices (Dr. Harry Atwater)
  • On chip quantum photonic devices like quantum bits and quantum memories (Dr. Andrei Faraon)
  • Flat optics based on dielectric metasurfaces (Dr. Andrei Faraon)
  • Nanophotonics, quantum optics, and optomechanics for applications in precision measurement and quantum information science (Dr. Oskar Painter)
  • Nanostructure fabrication for opto-electronic, magneto-optic and electronic devices (Dr. Axel Scherer)
  • Quantum-limited amplifiers at microwave frequency, applications of advanced superconductors, opto-mechanical structures to interface with atomic physics, preparation of mechanical structures at quantum limits (Dr. Keith Schwab)
  • Evanescent sensing, optofluidic devices, nanoparticle trapping techniques (Dr. Sandra M. Troian)
  • Ultrafast photonic processes and nanoscale devices; lightwave communication (Dr. Kerry Vahala)
  • Quantum well semiconductor lasers, nonlinear optics and lightwave communication (Dr. Amnon Yariv)

Plasma Physics

  • Fusion, magnetospheric, solar, and astrophysical plasmas; ice dusty plasmas; fundamental plasma physics including waves, magnetic helicity, reconnection (Dr. Paul Bellan)

Solid State Devices

  • Quantum mechanics for the electronic wave functions of large molecules and crystals (Dr. William Goddard III)
  • Nanostructure fabrication for opto-electronic, magneto-optic and electronic devices (Dr. Axel Scherer)
  • Fabrication of mechanical structures coupled to superconducting circuits and devices for the study of quantum physics at large scale (Dr. Keith Schwab)
  • Ultrafast electronic processes and nanoscale devices (Dr. Kerry Vahala)
  • Semiconductor lasers and optoelectronic devices (Dr. Amnon Yariv)

Solids and Materials

  • Highly nonlinear dynamics, phononic crystal, multiscale metamaterials, nanofabrication (Dr. Chiara Daraio)
  • Superfluid helium devices at very low temperatures (Dr. Keith Schwab)
  • Dynamic friction laws at liquid/solid interfaces, lithographic patterning of polymer nanofilms (Dr. Sandra M. Troian)
Department of Applied Physics and Materials Science